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Full Stack Developer (Technical Team Leader)

Full Stack Developer (Technical Team Leader)

Softwrd Limited

খালি পদ

নির্দিষ্ট নয়

জব কনটেক্সট
    Softwrd is a Norwegian-Bangladeshi Partnership Startup based in Baridhara DOHS Dhaka, looking to combine the two countries` resources to make innovative software solutions for the world. Softwrd, through its associates, has a global reach in the software, financial, real estate, and energy industries and is looking to expand beyond. If you are continually looking to learn, take on new challenges, and grow, you will be a perfect fit here.

চাকরির দায়িত্বসমূহ
  • Softwrd’s business centers around building intelligent systems based on the synthesis and
  • analysis of data. You will be managing and working with a group of 4-6 programmers. As the
  • tech lead, your primary responsibility is to guide the team in the following tasks:
  • Obtaining, managing, storing, and processing large datasets
  • Deriving actionable insights based on analysis of data.
  • Creating reliable, secure, and fast back-ends to serve the applications.
  • Developing user-friendly interfaces that are smooth, fast, and intuitive.
  • Contributing useful ideas for product features.
  • Solving an array of technical and creative problems.
  • The projects will include but will not be limited to applications dedicated to the financial- and
  • real estate industry. You are not required to have previous experience with either.
  • Together with management, as the tech lead, you are also responsible for building and
  • fostering a meritocratic and collaborative culture.
  • The position has a two month trial period, after which you will receive a full-time offer if the
  • trial period is successful.

চাকরির ধরন

ফুল টাইম

চাকরির প্রয়োজনীয় বিষয়সমূহ
  • Practicals:
  • Able to communicate in oral and written English.
  • You are living in / willing to move to Dhaka.
  • Need to be able to start soon.
  • Technicals:
  • Understanding of building high performance, scalable systems & cloud based
  • applications.
  • Strong core software engineering skills required – Object Oriented Programming and
  • Data Structures. Experience with Databases and Web Application development.
  • Experience with SQL, Python, Javascript, HTML, and CSS is necessary.
  • Familiarity with frameworks like Flask, Svelte, and Tailwind is beneficial but not
  • essential.
  • The most important criteria for us is that you are hard-working, intelligent, a good problem
  • solver, and a fast learner. If you satisfy these criteria, most other obstacles can be overcome.
  • Therefore, you are highly encouraged to apply even if you lack one or more of the technical
  • criteria outlined above.
  • Our confidence in your intelligence and problem solving skills is largely dependent on your
  • ability to demonstrate these qualities. A strong track record of success and concrete examples
  • of problem solving ingenuity are convincing modes of demonstrating your abilities.
  • Followingly, sharing GitHub portfolios, implemented solutions, references from prior
  • employers, and specific achievements at work is highly encouraged.
  • What you should know: Softwrd is a new company backed by international investors with access to ample amounts of capital. Management will take care of revenue generation and all other financial aspects of the business. But as the tech lead, you will be building the software production unit basically from scratch. The position will undoubtedly be demanding and require strenuous, hard work. Therefore, the company is prepared to reward performance generously but will also set expectations accordingly.



  • BDT 70,000 starting salary, increasing to BDT 110,000 if given full-time offer
    Bonus paid out yearly on a discretionary basis ranging up to 200% of base pay.
    Salary will be renegotiated on a bi-annual basis.

রিজিউমি গ্রহণের উপায়

Send your CV along with a cover letter stating why you are a good fit for this company.
Include your name, phone number, and email address.
In your cover letter, please include a story that says something interesting about you.
If your application is accepted, you will receive an email from us with details of your
interview. The interview will test both your technical and interpersonal skills.
If your interview is successful, we will send you a notification via email with details on the proceedings.
Please send your application to the following emails; [email protected] (Azmine
Murshed) CC: [email protected] (Daniel Nilsen)
Good Luck!

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